Andrew Castro - Entrepreneur

  • Masters in Behavioral Psychology
  • Certified Personal Trainer through NASM
  • Author
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Podcast Host

Life/Anxiety Coaching

I am a Life Coach that specializes in anxiety related issues. A Life Coach counsels clients on a range of professional and personal issues from all types of anxiety, to work related stress, and relationship problems.


My coaching takes a holistic approach with mind, body (I am a certified personal trainer), and spirit. My sessions focus on teaching perspective changing strategies to help you overcome the challenges you are facing. It is not about temporary tricks or gimmicks, but a way to see your issues in a new light. Along with my Masters, I have a deep personal understanding of what it’s like to go through debilitating challenges having suffered with anxiety issues for almost a decade. Each client will receive a tailored approach to what they are facing and I will work with you every step of the way.



Personal Training

Fitness, both physically and mentally, have been an extremely important part of my life. But getting fit means something different for everyone. That is why with my NASM certification and hundreds of hours in the gym I am able to suit the needs of the average person trying to get in shape all the way to the athlete looking to perform. 

Singer/Songwriter Performer

Since 2014 I have been a professional singer/songwriter. I received a publishing contract from a Nashville based TV and Film publishing company in 2017. I built my home base in Sacramento where I have become a successful performer with a residency at Thunder Valley Casino and recurring monthly gigs at high end restaurants in the area. I play a range of covers as well as originals. Book me for private parties, office parties, and weddings as well.

Overcoming Your Anxiety Podcast

I started a podcast in 2019 that is now in its third season. It centers around my experiences and the tools and knowledge I have gained over the years dealing with my own personal anxiety. Each episode covers a different topic. I try to give a fresh perspective on the issues that hold us back from overcoming our anxiety and getting back to leading a normal and fulfilling life.

Overcoming Your Anxiety for People on the Go the Book

One day in 2018 I decided I wanted to share my journey with anxiety. A few months later Overcoming Your Anxiety for People on the Go was released on Amazon. It climbed to the #1 spot for Anxieties and Phobias and helped a lot of people. Just like my coaching, it’s not about tricks and gimmicks, it’s about fundamentally changing the way we look at what causes our anxiety.

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